Blues Bass Diddly Bow (Fretless)

Blues Bass Diddly Bow (Fretless)

SKU: 15151

Guitar: 1 String Cigar Box Guitar Diddly Bow

Style: Bluse Base Diddly Bow 

Strings: 1

String Type: Nylone  (6)

Tuning: (E, F, G)

Neck: Hand Carved Mahogany

Pick Up: Piezio 

Scales: 24.25

Fretting: Painted Fret Markers

Body: Punch

Serial: 15151


- Spring Reverb


This is a handmade 1 string cigar box guitar Diddly Box with tone and volume control. Play acoustic of amplified.


This is a fretless one string bass diddly bow. Play acoustic or jacked into a guitar or bass amp. You'll be amazed at the big bass boom.


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