Frequently asked questions

Where can I learn to play a Cigar Box Guitar - There are pleanty of teachers out there :)

Who Came up with the Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar Box Guitars are the American 3 string instrument, first appearing on the plantations in the South developed by Arficans to mimic instruments from home using discarded boxes as the body and brooms for the neck and strings.

What strings are used on a 3 string CBG?

You have 2 options. Option 1 - Traditioanl Chicago Bluse String 5 = tuned to G String 4 = tuned to D String 3 = Tuned to G Option 2 - Ozark Blues String 6 = tuned to G String 2 = tuned to D String 1 = Tuned to G Both setups support Open G (G,D,g), E (E,B,e) and F (F,C,f) * The names of the options are made up. Please don't toss the terms around like they mean anything beyond my description :)