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As an Emmy Award winning Sound Designer, Recording Engineer to top artists such as Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Featured Artist in galleries and magazines, and Stringed Instrument Luthier, Sony Felberg uses his diverse artistic experience to create functional art. Inspired and influenced by the music, pop and alternative sub-cultures, plus a fascination with history, stringed instruments are carefully crafted to be visually and physically fashioned to please the discriminating art collector and experienced musician. He is based out of Portland, Oregon and works in his basement sound recording/ art studio. Sony started Chickiboom Guitars in 2012 after leaving RealNetworks as Director of Content and Programming. 

Cigar Box Guitars: The three and four stringed cigar box guitars and ukuleles are hand -carved, high quality instruments that are easy and enjoyable to play. He brings his esthetic and composition skills as an acrylic painter to the design of the box instruments. The electronics in these instruments are custom harnesses with coils or vintage piezo pickups as well as built in spring reverb. Each neck is hand carved and finished. Originally nails were used as frets for the traditionally feel. Over time a transition was made to fret wire for better playability. 

Hobo Electric Guitars: In winter of 2015, Sony started the development of a new instrument to expand his artistic interest and the high demand for his CBGs. He had the urge to build guitar bodies with the same vintage sensibilities blended with a modern twist. Upcycling most of the parts to craft his “Hobo Electric Guitars”, entertainers can enjoy quality playing on a unique, one of a kind instrument. 12x2 roofing scraps as well as layered and carved plywood are used to create the Hobo Electric deploying the same basic neck design as the Cigar Box Guitar. 

Electric / Acoustic Remastered Collage Guitars: After refurbishing vintage electric and acoustic guitars, Sony creates detailed and stunning collages that hang in several galleries throughout the Northwest. The pop culture references are beautifully developed into playable showpieces. The acoustics get electronics as a signature of Sony’s desire for his instruments to have the ability to play loudly. The neck action is set for low and comfortable fingering.. 

It is Sony's hope that Chickiboom Guitars will expand their work beyond the Northwest to be appreciated throughout country in art galleries as well as music stores.

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